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Anastasia Ashley Snapchat In the world of social media to preserve a moment has become the primary thing, but Snapchat find a way to fight the current.

In Snapchat, every moment is just short-term. What exactly is shared is seldom kept. It’s about the moment in a relationship.



Snapchat allows us to share the pictures are cute and unique, video clip, and messaging (also known as ‘Snaps’), but only temporarily. Pictures and videos will last between one to ten seconds, and users can beautify every Snap with information, pictures, and filter.


Having seen Snap, Snap will be lost.


The difference with other social media, when you interact with others everyday, Snapchat mimic the behavior more closely than other social media.

Know Snapchat Nearer Anastasia Ashley Snapchat.

So we’ve protected a little about Snapchat, but how Snapchat work? Why don’t discuss some of the main features for Snapchat know more.

What is a Snap?

Snap is a word used to identify the photographs and videos that will be lost-this is the main function of this application. When you send a Snap to your friends, you can make it stay there for one to five seconds and then after Snapchat was seen, Take will be lost.

Exactly what is the storyplot?

A story is a collection Snaps Yag played one following the other. The story, unlike Button snaps sent to friends of individuals, story seen by anyone who turns into a fans you. Story will finish up to 24 hours after being posted, and those who follow you can re-watch story as much as they like

When you are watching a story on Snapchat, you can react with specific images or videos by dragging from the bottom of the screen to the top.

How chat works?

Snapchat also features Chat to begin a conversation simply by swiping right on their names on the pages of your latest Photos. As Snaps, chat will disappear after you read it

Lens and Filtration

Do you wish to add Instagram-style filters images or add a monocle and mustache to your selfie, adding Zoom lens and Filter is a fun and enjoyable way of enhancing your Photos.


Launched in Sept 2015, using the Contact lens is a fun method for your Snap.

Lens usually funny or silly animations like sticking when you selfie, about 10 million people using the zoom lens every day.

Snapchat explained in their blog the way the lens works:

When you use the camera for selfies, simply press and hold the screen to activate the Lens your face. You can play with Lens before taking a snap – just select the one in the bottom and follow the instructions on the screen!


Just like other social systems, Snapchat allows you to improve your content filters. To find out which filters are available to you personally can slide right after recording video or taking pictures.

Tips: You can add multiple filters for an image with your little finger consistently touching the display screen after you have picked a filter and retained sliding.

The way to add a friend

There are a number of ways to add a friend in Snapchat. The first thing you need to do is press the ghost icon displayed at the top of the camera screen and select the ‘Add Friends’.

From the screen ‘Add Friends’ you can add another account with the username, from your smartphone contacts, with Snapcode or.

Adding to the Username

If you know the username of the account you want to add, just type their name in the ‘Add by username’ and then press the ‘+’ button to link together.

Adding of the Make contact with Mobile

This option will allow you to search for contacts on your phone to see who’s already on Snapchat. From here, you can also send an SMS invite to all those who have not used Snapchat.

Contributing to Snapcode

A Snapcode works like QR program code and you can add friends by their Snapcode scan using your smartphone. You may scan directly from the iphone app Snapchat Snapcode another person, or a scan of a photo that you receive via email or IM.

To scan pictures containing Snapcode, you just need to tap on the ‘Add Friends’>  ‘Add by Snapcode’>  Photos.

Add Nearby

Include Nearby is a location-based feature, which allows one to search for and connect along with other Snapchat users who are in the same area as Anda. Tap ‘Add Friends’>  ‘Add Nearby’ and Snapchat will find users nearby

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